About us

Water Valley Baptist Church is a vibrant and welcoming community of believers located in Water Valley, Kentucky. Our mission is to share the love of Christ, connect people with God and others, and equip/ empower individuals to live out their faith in the world. With a rich history dating back years, we have been serving the Mayfield/Graves County community for decades, providing spiritual guidance, support, and fellowship to individuals and families of all ages. We believe in the power of faith, the importance of church, and the transformative love of Jesus Christ.


Brother Daniel Mckinney accepted the call to be our pastor in November of 2023. He has been in the ministry for 10 years and has served as a youth pastor at Enon Baptist Church for a year and a half and also served as an associate pastor at Northside Baptist Church in Murray for six years! He and his family are young, exctied and on fire for God! They have a passion for people and for Jesus. With dynamic, engaging and powerful preaching each week, his vision can take our church and community to the next level for God.

Mission statement

Faith - Is our foundation, we belive in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ is the most important relationship anyone can have! Our desrire and mission is to point people to Jesus and to help them make a decsion of faith and follow Jesus. After this our purpose is to help mold and shape Christians lives and to make dicsiples, so you can grow, live and expirence the goodness of God in your life!

Family - The family is the first institution God ordained and put into motion. Here at Water Valley Baptist Church we believe in the biblical definition of family, one man, one woman, and the gift of children. Our mission is to help all families live for God and follow him and to be active in the local new testement church!

Fellowship - Our greatest joy is to spend time with other followers of Jesus and grow from one another! Church is essential, not only for growth and learning, but for the fellowship that builds one another up and gives us someone to walk through this life toghther! You are not alone in this!

Next steps

We cannot wait to meet you and talk about fhe next step with you! We have many areas you can serve and be a part of what Water Valley Baptist Church is doing! Contact Brother Daniel about membership, Baptism and places you can get in and get connected!